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Chairman's Message

1.   Sreeniketan Central School was established in 1991 under the leader ship and guidance of Dr.N. Raveendran, Director of the society.( Sreeniketan Central for Social Development) Director received National award twice for his exemplary efforts in the fields of Drug and Substance Abuse & Women and Child Welfare.

2.   School aims at providing quality education to students hailing from all socio- economic backgrounds including the Drop outs,Vulnerable and marginalised sections, thus breaking all socio-economic barriers & stereotyping like caste,crud,sect etc.

3.   Emphasis is given to Academic,informal,technical,extra curricular activities like sports & athletics, Art & crafts, Fine arts, music & dance.

- In keeping up with the times, Science & Technology, Personality development including Public speaking linguistic skills of our students are honed.

- Various Literary clubs and Science & Environment clubs function under the guidance of teachers where budding minds get a platform to bounce ideas and bond with like minded pupils.

- Inter house debates and Quiz programs are organised by authorities to serve as a think- tank. Educational visits are often conducted etc places of historicalor geographical importance.

- We believe that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body ,hence physical education is given at most importance.

4.   At Sreeniketan Central School, We aim at the holistic development of our students. We believe in shaping not only academically diligent students, but morally responsible citizens - the dreamers, the thinkers, the doers, who will be an asset for the Nation.